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10 Easy Ways to Train a Naughty Dog

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Do you have a puppy? If you really adore your puppy but his barking, chewing, and incorrect behaviors are driving you crazy, there’s no need to despair! Not everyone has the resources to get their puppies professionally house-trained, but luckily, there are lots of things you can do at home to get the job done. To ensure you aren’t left at the end of your rope or, um, leash, keep watching to learn the do’s and don’ts of puppy training.

Puppies can present quite a lot of challenges to new pet owners (or even to experienced pet owners!) since every puppy comes with their own set of behaviors and personality traits. Despite a bit of mischief, puppies can be a great addition to your family and will be trained in no time if you follow these recommendations.

Don’t yell at the puppy 0:50
Do be firm 1:32
Don’t get physical 2:25
Do give the puppy a time-out 3:05
Don't stare down at your puppy 3:52
Do address biting and nipping 4:45
Don’t expect your puppy to know where to go potty 5:29
Do be consistent 6:11
Don’t reprimand long after the offense 7:11
Do educate and reward your puppy 8:01

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- If you yell, you risk damaging the precious bond you have with your puppy. Dogs are very in tune with humans, so an increase in your tone of voice could stress him out and make him more anxious.
- The big puppy dog eyes looking up at you might deter you from saying anything to your puppy when he misbehaves. However, to teach him good behavior, you need to be firm.
- Using or threatening pain are never good ways to house-train your puppy. These behaviors only teach dogs to fear their owners and to lose the natural trust they have in you.
- Next time your puppy’s raucous barking is driving you over the edge or you catch him being too rough with another pet, simply put him in a dog crate or take him to a location he’ll find boring.
- If you were speaking to a child who’d misbehaved, eye contact would be important to emphasize the seriousness of the situation. But to a dog, direct and prolonged staring can be threatening, so it’s not an effective method to educate him.
- When a puppy plays with other puppies and bites too hard, the other dog will yelp, which causes the biter to release the bite. If a puppy bites you, you can recreate this yelp to teach him that it’s not OK.
- A puppy needs a very strict routine to become potty-trained. A dog’s digestive system can be very regular, and they tend to need to relieve themselves 5–30 minutes after eating.
- If yesterday you gave the puppy a time-out for unnecessary barking and today you’re letting it slide, the puppy will get mixed signals and won’t learn to correct the behavior.
- If you come home to discover that your darling puppy knocked over a precious vase and you try to reprimand him for something he did an hour ago, the puppy will have no idea why he’s being admonished. You need to punish a behavior when you catch him doing it.
- Puppies need to learn when they misbehave and when they do things properly. For a puppy to understand not only bad things but good ones, it’s necessary to educate with this 2-fold approach.

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