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We talked about our traveling experiences and did some more prank calls!

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The Laugh Daily Podcast is a podcast by Andrew and Justin from MoreJStu/JStuStudios. This podcsat is geared towards young adults who want to hear something postive. Each episode will make you laugh and smile along with talking about a specific topic. Laugh Daily is the motto and that is what this 25-35 min podcast is for!

Maybe The Second Funniest Podcast Compilation Ever

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Theo Von
Chris D’elia
Joey Diaz
Bobby Lee
Tim Dillon
Andrew Santino
Will Sasso

Chopper's Politics Podcast: Why Britain will be the first country out of the pandemic
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With England heading into its third national lockdown roughly a month after coming out of one, Christopher Hope is joined for an extra episode of Chopper's Politics by the Telegraph's Deputy Political Editor Lucy Fisher and Science Editor Sarah Knapton, to discuss the ins and outs.

Teknik Na Proven And Tested Na | Best Pinoy Memes Funny Videos 2022 & Kalokohan Compilation
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Teknik Na Proven And Tested Na | Pinoy Funniest Tiktok Compilation | Tik Tok Compilation | Best Pinoy Memes Videos Compilation & Pinoy Kalokohan

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[4K] Chinatown in Bangkok ?? Enjoy Street Food at Night in Thailand
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I walk on the street around Bangkok’s Chinatown in Thailand at night time. This place is also known as Yaowarat Road in Bangkok. This road is surrounding with many of food stands, street foods, food market and restaurants. There are many people walking pass on the street and many people are enjoy eating street foods in Bangkok’s Chinatown. Many people were queuing for a table at the famous restaurants. Yaowarat road is well known for the best of street foods location that very attractive to Thais people and foreigners tourists.
Thank you for watching.

▶Date recorded : June, 2022

▶Nearest Station : Wat Mangkorn MRT Station

▶Google Map :


Bobby Lee Childhood Story Time on The Fighter and The Kid

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Brendan and Bryan try not to laugh as Bobby tells a story from his childhood.

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Thank you Charlie and Dixie for hanging out!!

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Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham | Kim Kardashian West
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It's our first episode, and we're joined by entrepreneur, fashion muse, TV star, and social media genius Kim Kardashian West! She's here to talk beauty, body, relationships, and what happens when you mix family and business.

A 368 & Pretty Big Deal Production
Executive Producers: Kelsey McWilliams & Paul Leys
Producers: Ava Coleman, Ann Lupo
Director/Editor: Ann Lupo
Appearance By: Darsell Obregon
Camera Operators: Ann Lupo, Livia Coullias Blanc, Christian Chapman, Nadine Martinez, Griffin Yu, Aaron Pryka
Assistant Editor: Aaron Pryka
Sound Engineers: YongSoo Lee, Destiny Farrant
Podcast Producer: John Lagomarsino
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Production Assistant: Casey Steidle
Music Supervisor: Nicole Sylva
Music: The Spencer Lee Band
Art design: Jess Severn
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Rafeeq Be Ehsas | Balochi Funny Video | Episode #252 | 2022 #basitaskani #rafeeqbaloch
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Joe Rogan Experience #1531 - Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus is a singer-songwriter, actress, and record producer.

Dan Bilzerian’s Famous Celebrity Hookup - IMPAULSIVE EP. 296

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Wealthy poker star & international playboy, Dan Bilzerian, joins the boys to discuss f**king 9 times in 1 day, his next $100,000,000 dollar poker game 💰, photoshopping the infamous Cardi B picture, his favorite hookup of all-time, micro-dosing & mushrooms 🍄, life as a sex addict, why fame is better than money, his new book “The Setup” & more…

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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.

Funny Videos 2022 | Instant Regret | Fails Of The Week | Fail Compilation 2022 | Fails | RandomFails
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Funny Videos 2022 | Instant Regret | Fails Of The Week | Fail Compilation 2022 | Fails | RandomFails

Welcome to Fun Time I make meme videos and funny fail videos as well as comp s of twitch clips. This video in particular is a girl fails compilation video, that I found in 2022. When I look for videos I try my best to find the most entertaining ones. I hope you enjoy this video. Subscribe if you like my videos :D


⚠️ Community Guidelines Disclaimer
This video is for entertainment purposes only. My videos are not intended to bully/harass or offend anyone. The clips shown are funny, silly, they relieve stress and anxiety, create good vibes and make viewers laugh.
This video should not be taken seriously.
Do not perform any actions shown in this video!

This video is inspired by, Failarmy

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Bobby Lee Funniest Podcast Moments

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Bobby Lee is an actor, comedian, ping pong aficionado, and glue-thumb artist. Shape-wise he is a genetic cross between a scallop and a panda, making him one of the softest and cutest hybrids in existence- a complete juxtaposition to his irreverent brand of comedy where unforgivable things are said but no apologies are made. He is Toki Fong, Connie Chung, Kim Jong, and sometimes just a strange little man who likes to dance around in panties drinking milkshakes.

How to Introduce Dogs & Cats SAFELY ?? What to AVOID
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Introducing dogs and cats can be dangerous if rushed or done incorrectly, so I share how I introduce my cat to new dogs.

Please note: as mentioned in this video, I am not a professional dog trainer - these tips are just what work for me when bringing in new rescue dogs to foster. Always consult a professional, positive reinforcement, dog trainer for help where needed!

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Disclaimer for all related content:
*Please note, do not try anything anything in this video at home without parent supervision and approval. Also, I am not a professional dog trainer or veterinarian. Any recos, suggestions or advice are simply my opinion and what works for me. Please always seek professional guidance before taking any action. Please foster and train dogs at your own risk under adult supervision and approval. My content may include affiliate and/or sponsored links.

#goldendoodle #rachelfusaro #dogtips

Chacha Kaha ho | Wrong Chacha Prank | Funny Prank Video | Prank in Public | Prank 2022 | #shorts
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Chacha Kaha ho | Wrong Chacha Prank | Funny Prank Video | Prank in Public | Prank 2022 | #shorts #prank #youtubeshorts #shortsvideo #prankvideo #meme #funnyvideo #funnymemes #trendingshorts #pranks

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Camila Cabello - Bam Bam (Official Live Performance) | Vevo
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Camila Cabello - Bam Bam | Vevo Official Live Performance

Camila Cabello says that making her third album ‘Familia' was “fun, joyful, and easy.” That sentiment extends to our Official Live Performance collaboration, which was staged at a Simi Valley, California ranch where blockbuster films are shot. Cabello commanded the camera like an A-list actor while performing four songs from the new record. The album's tender artwork, with Camila embracing a young cousin, parallels its heartfelt title, and she's made it clear that this music was meant to explore her family's roots. Both Latin rhythms and Spanish-language vocals - imbued throughout the album - help in that goal. “Bam Bam" found Ed Sheeran joining the fun. Here, she swaps the Suffolk superstar for a quick-stepping crew of dancers. It’s the perfect kick off to this parade of performances - one that’ll put a smile on your face like Camila had at the end of the shoot.

Watch Camila Cabello videos:

Camila Cabello


Executive Producer: JP Evangelista
Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Executive Producer, Contrast Films: Jordy Wax
Director: Tomas Alvear
Director of Photography: Chase Smith
Senior Line Producer: Jen Bates
Line Producer: Maddy Schmidt
Line Producer, Contrast Films: Cole Brian
Producer: Averi Smith
Producer: Lola Gatti
Production Designer: Tyler Jensen
Art Director: Daniel Erb
1st AD: Derek Jaeschke
Production Coordinator: Cole Emery
2nd AD: Kyle Hardy
1st AC: Ryan Guzdzial
2nd AC: Jess Fairless
Steadicam Operator: Colin MacDonnell
DIT: Benjamin Crump
Production Assistant: Johnny Baez
Production Assistant: Seth Halter
Production Assistant: Matt Callahan
Production Assistant: Zoe Thomsonn
Production Assistant: Jordan Dominguez
Production Assistant: Mario Arita
Production Assistant: Maymay Natnaree
Production Assistant: Kyle Shi
Set Decorator: Michael Coursey
Leadperson: Montana Bertoletti
Set Designer: Nelson DeCastro
On Set Dresser: Eric Moore
On Set Dresser: Tim Miller
Key Grip: Tony Giordano
Best Boy Grip: Shaun Giordano
Grip: Matt Planer
Grip: Sam Satossky
Grip: Hugo Martinez
Grip: Jose Aguilar
Grip: Jake Smith
Grip: Nathone Giordano
Gaffer: Tony Jou
Best Boy Electric: Braden Barton
Electrician: Jay Carey
Electrician: Arin Whitlock
Electrician: Mark Farney
LCP: Zane Blanchard
Location Manager: Jason Wisch
VFX Supervisor: Sydney Emery
VFX: Austin Prahl
Motion Design: Sydney Emery
Design: Keith Wright
Photography: Brianna Alysse, Rahul Bhatt
Audio: Casey Graham
Editor: Andrew Ros
Colorist: Arianna Shining Star
Post Production Supervisor: Mike Colman
Project Manager, Post Production: Dominic Siri
Music + Talent: Cynthia Todd + David McTiernan

#CamilaCabello #BamBam #Vevo

FIFA 22 PS5 | France Vs Argentina | World Cup Qatar 2022 | 4K Gameplay
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FIFA 22 PS5 France Vs Argentina FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 4K Gameplay .

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#fifa22 #mzpandagaming #ps5

Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet - World Overview Gameplay Presentation
37 Views · 10 months ago

#Pokémon #pokemonscarlet #pokemonviolet

Nintendo revealed more info about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, featuring a new region called Paldea and a spooky occurrence named Terastallization. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be available November 18th.

Daliso Chaponda on What People Think of Africa | Universal Comedy

36 Views · 1 year ago

Britains Got Talent finalist Daliso Chaponda talks about misconceptions about African countries.

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#StandUp #Comedy

LOTRO (2022) | 4K 60FPS | Cinematic & Gameplay Trailer
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This includes the original Cinematic Intro Trailer from 2007 with updated visuals as well as 2022 4k 60 fps Gameplay.
This game may be 15 years old but the world building and design is still pretty amazing.

Best experienced on a 4K screen.

0:00 - Original LOTRO Cinematic Intro Trailer - 4K 60fps
1:58 - Gameplay Trailer - Far Ahead the Road Has Gone | By Chance Thomas
4:16 - Silent Hope | By Chance Thomas
5:55 - Lament for Oakenshield | By Chance Thomas
6:55 - Vale of Imladris | By Chance Thomas
7:20 - Thing to Come | By Chance Thomas
8:10 - Red Stones and Golden Leaves | By Chance Thomas
8:49 - The Valor of Men Suite | By Chance Thomas
9:14 - The House of Tom Bombadil | By Chance Thomas
10:48 - Hills of the Shire | By Chance Thomas

All gameplay footage is done by myself on (EN).
The soundtracks are made by Chance Thomas.

Where Beta?

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