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10 Countries You MUST VISIT in 2022 - Ultimate Travel Guide
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2022 is going to be your biggest adventure year yet. Even with the pandemic, 70% of Americans say they are planning to travel in 2022. This means there is no better time to watch this video and plan a trip of a lifetime. We provide you with some of the most exhilarating experiences around the globe and even share travel tips and information found nowhere else. Ana & I have been traveling for 3 years and these 10 countries will blow your mind! Make 2022 the best year of your life and let us know where you are heading to in the comments WOOT WOOT

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0:00 - Intro
0:50 - Serbia (#10)
5:53 - Greece (#9)
11:43 - Vietnam (#8)
15:31 - Bahamas (#7)
17:53 - Malaysia (#6)
21:12 - Thailand (#5)
28:24 - Turkey (#4)
32:38 - United States (#3)
38:51 - Indonesia (#2)
43:26 - Philippines (#1)

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Exotic Halkidiki travel guide: top 10 beaches of Kassandra peninsula - Greece
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Halkidiki: Kassandra Peninsula. Emerald waters and fine white sand. Exotic landscape: an authentic paradise. This is not tropical Brazil. The place shown is not Martikina or the Fiji Islands.
Halkidiki, a unique place where the green landscape of nature dives into the blue of the sea, an exotic getaway that will live in your imagination for as long as you can remember. This earthly paradise will enchant you wherever you look unparalleled, it will rejuvenate your body in the crystal clear blue-green waters, it will treat all your senses, raising morale and spirit! Perhaps this is the special combination of rare stunning landscapes, with beaches for all moods and tastes, the mixture of sea breeze with the aroma of pine. And believe me, nowhere else will you make acquaintances and friends in such an easy and all-encompassing way. Here, in Magic Halkidiki, which is visited by people from all over the world, time ceases and becomes an indifferent information as you experience some of the best memories of your life on a beach…. Why; Because like Halkidiki, it does NOT have !!!
the 10 best beaches of Kassandra

# 10 The beach of Nea Potidea: The village of Nea Potidea has a sandy and well-organized beach with a blue flag. A narrow isthmus connects the peninsula of Kassandra with the hinterland at a distance of one hour from Thessaloniki. The channel was started by King Cassander of Macedonia.
# 9 Pefkochori & Hanioti Beach: These twin beaches are characterized by a large, sandy area and fully equipped facilities. The Bitsobara & the picturesque taverns will drive you crazy!
# 8 Kallithea Beach: Among the most famous and busiest beaches in the area, Kallithea is a reference point for young people. A golden sandy beach, surrounded by modern, cosmopolitan beach bars and taverns. The terrace of the area looks like a noisy hive. Luxury, romance and fun, an intoxicating combination.
# 7 Siviri Beach: On the west coast of the peninsula, it offers calm shallow waters. You will find here many traditional taverns and modern beach bars. Ideal spot for afternoon walks & romantic sunsets.
# 6 Polychrono & Kryopigi Beaches. These beaches have been awarded several times by international organizations for having the clearest crystal clear waters. They are fully equipped with everything you need to spend a happy, fun day at the beach. Turquoise waters are truly crystal clear while the small bays are ideal for all diving enthusiasts.
# 5 Poseidon & Language Beaches: Poseidon Beach stretches for 1 km and welcomes you for a refreshing swim in its waters. The white sand along with the music of the beach bars is a great experience that you will talk about for years. Don't forget to walk to the lighthouse, count the stars as night falls, fall in love and maybe exchange vows of eternal faith. The Three Camps that operate here, is a hot spot for Youth, nudists and bohemian life lovers.
# 4 Sani Beach & Stavronikita: True paradise. The white, fine sand of the sea in combination with the blue-green, crystal clear waters of the Aegean, paint an idyllic image, in which you would like to be an integral part. Sani resort is a well-organized, modern resort, fully equipped with luxury beach bars and restaurants.
Stavronikita is a quiet large sandy beach, ideal for nature lovers and people looking for more tranquility and unpretentious living.
# 3 Afitos Beach: In the heart of Kassandra, is the coast of Afitos, 4 km long, which extends at the foot of a rock, on which the village with the traditional stone houses is built. I don't know what will catch you first or most of all? The endless view, the vastness of the Greek blue or the irresistible atmosphere of abundance, eroticism and summer relaxation.

# 2 Paliouri Beach: This exotic beach is now recognizable and infinitely popular! Fine white gold sand clear attractive waters! Windless bay, this beach is a paradise for young and old children.
And as a genuine exotic destination it has many names. It is also called Chrousos, Kourosaros, Blue fish, Cabana, Lefki Ammos beach (all names of local beach bars) or Xenia like the old hotel. The most adored part of the beach is in front of the Koursaros bar, near the marina with cruise ships.

# 1 Glarokavos beach: The most beautiful, authentic and unique place in Kassandra. Glarokavos! Here you can meet from untouched nature to cosmopolitan melodies. From the luxurious beach bars full of hot tanned bodies wearing expensive swimsuits to free camping tents and all-encompassing vacationers!
#chalkidiki #topbeachesKassandra #greekIslands

Top 10 Things To Do In Phuket Thailand 2022
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Hey, adventure seekers in this video we will showcase the top 10 things to do in Phuket Thailand.

#Phuket #Thailand #Top10 #2022

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Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Colombia - Colombia Travel Video
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Colombia, the gem of South America, is diverse in every sense of the word. People often describe Colombia as several nations combined in one, each with its own landscape, culture and cuisine. From colourful villages and exotic national parks, to modern cities and beautiful beaches, here are the Top 10 Places to Visit in Colombia. (Colombia travel)

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Amazing Places to visit in Vietnam - Travel Video
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The uniqueness of Vietnam is linked to its relationship with water, perfectly represented by the legendary Mekong river and more than 2000 miles of coast, as well as an incredible system of underground rivers! Are you ready to enjoy the wonders that wait for you in this tiny but incredible place? Take a look at the 10 best places to visit in Vietnam!


00:00 Why visiting Vietnam
00:46 The Mekong River Delta
01:35 The Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
02:26 Ha Long Bay
03:30 Hanoi (Old Quarter & French Quarter)
04:27 Imperial Citadel of Thang Long
05:11 Dalat
06:18 Hoi - An Ancient Town
07:14 Hue – The Imperial City
08:13 Ho Chi Minh City
09:04 Mui Ne
09:49 Places in Vietnam

#Vietnam #Places #Travel

5 Pro-Tips for Tipping at Karisma Resorts in Mexico / Exotic & Prestige Travelers
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Confused about how much to tip while visiting an Exotic Travelers resort in Mexico? Gratuities are customary but not obligatory; however, they are a welcome gift for our hard-working staff. Here are the best five tips for leaving a propina during your holiday as shared by our own Exotic & Prestige Travelers members.

Most UNUSUAL places: 20+ beautiful & exotic travel destinations to visit
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Travelling and looking for new adventures belong to the list of the most popular hobbies and ways of relaxation. But nowadays, when it seems that most of the travel destinations and tourist routes seem to be too commonplace, finding new distant locations of the world, which have something unique and exciting about them seems to be a real challenge.

But the tourism is a multi-dollar industry nowadays, so many agencies and private guides are trying to present new, fresh and unconventional places to have a vacation or an active trip. However, in the age of the Internet, new awesome places everyone has got to see become very popular, so make sure you visit them first.

We have just put together a list of incredible travel destinations and unique places of the world that will be incredibly interesting for many people. All the destinations are briefly reviewed in a form of an interactive video presentation.

Please note that all the footage and images are used either on the terms of fair use or are licensed by the creative commons. We have listed all the credits and sources in the end of the clip. Please let us know, if you have any questions.

For our clip we have picked out such unusual places of the world:

- Darvaza (Door to Hell) in the Karakum Desert (Turkmenistan);

- picturesque To Sua Ocean Trench with bright Samoan sunshine (great clip here:;

- weird pink lake in Australia - Lake Hillier (learn more here:;

- spectacular blue cave (grotto) in Bisevo, Croatia (detailed information here: and here:;

- surreal landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey (a full review here: and here:;

- Svmnafellsjvkull Crystal/Ice Cave in Iceland;

- Alofaaga Blowholes attract visitors, who witness how the blowholes propel huge amount of water into the air (more stuff: and here:;

- an extraordinary natural display at Horsetail Fall (USA) - more about this place:;

- Gothic-style Devil's Bridge in Germany (Kromlauer Park) - more cool info:;

- sand dunes and seasonal lagoons at Lencois Maranhenses (learn about it here:;

- largest salt flat that Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia turns into a spectacular natural mirror;

- shiny Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand;

- ancient Honghe Hani Rice Terraces in China that are protected by the UNESCO;

- a maze of abstract shapes – the Antelope Canyon in Arizona;

- human tower competition in Tarragona, Spain (also take a look at this:;

- "Cotton Castle" Pamukkale in Turkey;

- Great Blue Hole on Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Belize;

- the Wave, sandstone rock formation in Arizona (to find out more go here:;

- remote monasteries of Meteora situated on Greek rock pinnacles;

- Jigokudani Park with real monkey (macaque) spa, Japan;

- cloud inversion over the Grand canyon;

Please leave your thoughts and ideas below.

Thanks for watching!

Turkey Travel Guide | Best Hotel to See Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons | Naik Balon Udara di Cappadocia
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Here’s the second part of my Turkey Travel Vlog!
Exploring Cappadocia and trying the Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon.

Check out Royal Hot Air Balloon for your Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride

I’m also sharing few hotel recommendations for your best Cappadocia mornings experience!

This vlog include our experience visiting Cappadocia Underground City, Staying in Koza Cave Hotel, Mithra Cave Hotel, Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon with Royal Balloon, visiting Galerie Ikman, Ihlara Valley, Pasabag Monk Valley and many more!

Pantai Batu Bedil Belitung & Pulau Exotic
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Pantai Batu Bedil di desa Sungai Padang kabupaten Belitung menyimpan potensi keindahan wisata Belitung yang belum banyak diketahui. Di travel vlog Belitung kali ini kami mengajak anda menjelajah keindahan alam Belitung, Bangka Belitung. Terdapat pula sebuah pulau kecil exotic dan pulau pasir yang sangat indah.

Keunikan geologis Batu Bedil menjadikan tempat ini terpilih menjadi salah satu geosite dari Belitong Geopark yang merupakan salah satu Geopark Nasional. Saat ini Geopark Belitung sedang dalam proses menjadi UNESCO Global Geopark.

0:00 Sungai Padang
2:18 Batu Bedil
3:46 Peransaian Kite, Suak Kaya
4:51 Perigi Beracun
8:08 Lubang Guro
10:55 Ikan Kerapu
12:26 Makan Bedulang
13:49 Geopark Belitong
16:28 Pulau Pasir
18:17 Pulau Exotic

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Top 10 Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh | Curly Tales
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If you love the beauty of mountains, lush greenery & nature then check out our list of these 10 places in Himachal Pradesh that you mist visit at least once in your lifetime. Himachal is known as the land of paradise, as it has everything to offer from stunning hill stations to quaint villages, snow-covered mountains, beautiful valleys & diverse flora and fauna. It is truly a haven for all nature lovers.

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Greece tourist guide: Exotic Beaches Elafonissi & Kedrodasos - Crete island travel video
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Live a unique travelling EXPERIENCE. At the south edge of Europe lies the island of Crete, the birth place of the Gods: Shiny azure waters & tropical sand dunes: a paradisiac scenery! Here you may find the best beach in Europe… Elafonissi, Chania Crete. Elafonissi is located in the southwestern tip of Crete, 76 km from Chania. It is an oblong peninsula but when water breaks it in two parts gives the impression of being a separate island.

The pinkish colour of the soft sand along with this magnificent greek blue will totally blow your mind, ensuring how unforgettable your experience will be…

Elafonissi is a Natura 2000 protected area, full of sand dunes with sea daffodils and jupiners. Many endangered animals and plants find shelter here. It's forbidden to remove shells and sand from the area. The cradle of European Civilization – the Island of Crete and its genuinely friendly people, welcome you and wish you a wonderful stay!! Some will be visiting for the first time, whilst others have now become regulars, but either way, we promise you a truly memorable Mediterranean travelling experience.

exotic Greece: Check our playlist with TOP greek destinations

Exotic beaches with white sand and turquoise water, reminding of the Caribbean, are formed on either sides of the peninsula. The sand is taking its pinkish color from millions of crushed shells.

Nearby attractions:
#1 Crhisoskalitissa monastery
The Monastery of Chrissoskalitissa is 5 km north of Elafonissi, dedicated to Virgin Mary and is built on a rock. According to tradition, the last of the monastery's 98 steps was golden…

#2 Kedrodasos beach
Kedrodasos (i.e. cedar forest) is an amazing beach, located 1km east of the famous Elafonissi lagoon. It is a wonderful choice for swimming and a favorite beach for naturists and free campers.

Fortunately, there are no facilities nearby, making this secluded beach, one of the latest untouched paradises in Europe. Moreover, since the beach is secluded, you should keep it clean and not littered.

The eastern side of the beach, in front of the lagoon, is well organized and is more crowded. There are umbrellas, showers, lifeguards & snack bars. The side parts of the beach are more quiet.

If you want to stay completely secluded you can walk along the peninsula until you find a quiet cove that you like! There are some coves available for naturists near the west end of the peninsula.

You may come by car (1.5 hour driving) or by bus from Chania. The road to Elafonissi is narrow and full of turns, but the beauty of the landscape is stunning.

Whether your visit is for relaxation or to explore and discover the many well known and countless hidden treasures of Crete, you will not be disappointed by the diversity of the landscape – the rugged mountains, the endless beaches and the turquoise seas, the many cities, towns and villages, and stunning countryside. Live the essence and the heartbeat of the Island from dawn till dusk and discover…… Your Crete!!
The climate of Crete is generally described as mild Mediterranean, differentiating itself with continental characteristics in the mountains. In general, a basic characteristic of the local climate are large deviations from place to place.

The geographical position and the morphology of the soil of Crete drastically affect the climate of the wider area, which, in turn, is affected by the climatic characteristics of three continents, as well as by the insular character and the local changes caused by the mountainous morphology, especially between the northern and the southern positions of the island.

The yearly temperatures fluctuate between 14 and 15 degrees Celsius, the mainland has generally warmer summers and colder winters, while the southern coasts are warmer both in winter and summer in relation to the northern coasts.

Crete has a privileged geographical position in the Mediterranean, which gives it a mild climate with mild changes of the weather. The winter, which usually starts in the middle of December, is mild. Its colder months are January and February. The plains of Crete are among the warmer areas of Greece, especially their eastern and south-eastern part, which resembles North Africa. This is particularly obvious in the vegetation of the area, which is very similar to that of North Africa.
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Amazing Places to Visit in Turkey - Travel Video
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Turkey is a wonderful destination if you are dreaming of going to Europe. . Here you will find beautiful landscapes like beaches with crystal clear waters and breathtaking rocky views. This beautiful country has many invaluable monuments and relics which remind humankind's history. Turkish lands witnessed different cultures like Greco-Roman, Ottoman, Ethiopian influences, and even more. Are you still not sure about traveling to this gorgeous country? Come with us and discover stunning sites that will make you book the next first flight to Turkey!


00:00 Why visiting Turkey
00:49 Istanbul
01:59 Ölüdeniz
02:48 Aladağlar
03:55 Pamukkale
04:57 Izmir
05:52 Ephesus
06:46 Alanya
07:57 Antalya
08:52 Cappadocia
09:51 Mount Nemrut
10:40 Places in Turkey

#Turkey #Places #Travel

Working as an ADVENTURE Tour Leader
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Even though I currently work as a Video Producer and Photographer, which is awesome, one of the best jobs I ever had was an Adventure Tour Leader in South America. This is a video about that story.

It's also a good indication of how I've been able to transition my Video Production business into assisting with Adventure Photography Workshops and Video / Photo Retreats.

For those interested, I think it's important to understand the work and experience of being an Adventure Tour Leader. I hope this video helps covey these thoughts.

BALI ☀️ If you're interested in one of the LAST 2 Rooms Available at the villa follow this link for detailed information

This is the INAUGURAL BvS Squad Video & Photo Retreat and I can assure you it won't be the last. To be part of our Very First is definitely something special and there are still two rooms available, with a couples discount, so let either myself or Brendan know if you're keen on joining us this September. It's going to be awesome!!

Shout out to my 3 gear sponsors *still unpaid* but I get free stuff!! Drifa Snow - | CragHoppers - | & Benro UK -

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Amazing Places to visit in Thailand - Travel Video
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Thailand is the perfect destination for those who want to continue getting to know the best side of the Asian region. You cannot leave it out of your bucket list!. This country, located on the southwestern side of the continent, is well known for offering one of the best tourist experiences in the world without destroying your budget. You will be able to admire the beautiful mountainous areas, which mix the local beauty with the mysticism of Thai culture. You can relax and enjoy a cocktail on paradisiacal beaches! So pack your camera and get ready, because we are going to explore Thailand!


00:00 Why visiting Thailand
00:49 Bangkok
01:59 Ayutthaya
02:48 Phuket
03:28 Sam Kamphaeng
04:13 Chiang Mai
05:23 Koh Samui
06:24 Erawan National Park
07:07 Similan Islands
08:16 Sukhothai National Park
09:03 Khao Yai National Park
09:48 Places in Thailand

#Thailand #Places #Travel

PUERTO RICO: 10 Most Common Tourist MISTAKES (2022 Travel Guide) (San Juan + More)
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Top 10 Most Common Tourist Mistakes to avoid in Puerto Rico in 2022. San Juan and More!
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Mexico City Travel Guide - We Visit An EXOTIC FOOD Market in CDMX - YOU MUST VISIT!
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Get ready to explore a local market in Mexico City, Mexico!
A few days ago I met a guy named John in my hostel and we decided to head out and explore a local market to try some typical Mexican food. When we arrived into this market we realized that it was mainly targeted for produce and meat, not really a market where tourists go to and eat. Along with the produce there was also a large selection of insects to try, these are called Chapulines. This market hunt didn't quite turn out as we expected, but nonetheless we had an amazing time! Hope you enjoy this video!

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Local Tips: Philip's animal garden Aruba | Exotic Animals / Aruba Vlogs 2020 - Aruba Travel Gui
1 Views · 5 days ago

Bienvenidos nuevamente a mi canal de Youtube.
AruLatina Travels les da la bienvenida a ARUBA!!!

Viajeros los invito a que vean esta nueva SERIE de VÍDEOS SOBRE ARUBA.
Una Hermosa Isla en el caribe, donde ustedes viajeros van a querer volver muchas veces. Este es el tercer de muchos vídeos en el cual introduzco un poco mas la isla Aruba.
Así que empaquen sus maletas que nos vamos a conocer algunas actividades de Aruba y a conocer su increíble cultura y gente.
En este video los llevo conmigo a conocer Philip's Animal Garden Aruba un zoológico que incluye animales exóticos y algunos también que han sido rehabilitados.

#Aruba Vacation Travel Guide 2020 | Travel Vlog Aruba - Caribbean | Aruba Local Tips

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The Ultimate 3 Day BANGKOK Itinerary | Thailand Travel Guide (2022)
1 Views · 5 days ago

Stopping in Bangkok for a 3 day city break? We'll show you some of the newest and coolest attractions that you have to add to your Bangkok tour.

Easily one of our favourite cities in the world, Bangkok is home to the world's best street food, state-of-the-art shopping malls, quirky neighbourhoods, and jaw-dropping attractions that will make you fall in love with this city. Let's just say, you never run out of things to do in Bangkok.

Our Bangkok itinerary for 3 days will take you on a TukTuk tour to Wat Arun, Wat Saket and Wat Pho; the city's newest mega mall, ICON Siam; up to the knee-jittering Mahanakhon Skywalk; the hip areas of Talat Noi and Ong Ang Canal; and even on day trips to the Sanctuary of Truth and Ko Si Chang.

We can guarantee that once you're through with 72 hours in Bangkok, you'll most definitely wish you had more time.

#BangkokItinerary #BangkokTravel #ThailandTravelGuide

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25 Amazing Things To Do in Bangkok, Thailand
0 Views · 5 days ago

Get a copy of my things to do in Bangkok travel guide - "This eBook is a treasure for everyone in Bangkok" - Colleen Bowen

Also, if you love Thai food, get a copy of my Eating Thai Food Guide here:

Bangkok is one of the most thrilling cities in the world to visit. With such a diversity of different attractions and a fascinating mixture of traditional fused with modern culture, the city offers something interesting for everyone. This video includes 25 of what I think are the absolute best things to do in Bangkok. I put together a range of different activities that consist of everything from Bangkok's zoo, its most revered temples and golden palaces, to the culinary options the city is so famous for. In case you would like to revisit any of these Bangkok attractions shown in the video, here is all the information right below.
1. Wang Lang Market ตลาดวังหลัง - Wang Lang Market is one my favorite snacking and browsing markets in Bangkok.
2. Chatuchak Weekend Market ตลาดนัดจตุจักร - One of the most popular things to do in Bangkok is go shopping - don't miss the Chatuchak Weekend Market.
3. Klong Toey Market ตลาดคลองเตย - The most vital fresh food market in Bangkok.
4. Floating Market ตลาดน้ำ - In this video I visit Talad Nam Bang Nam Pheung floating market in southern Bangkok.
5. Pratunam Market ประตูน้ำ - Shopping is a huge Bangkok attraction and Pratunam is one of the wholesale outdoor markets.
6. MBK / Siam Shopping มาบุญครอง - One of the most hectic shopping malls is MBK, everything imaginable under one roof.
7. Or Tor Kor Market ตลาด อ.ต.ก. - Visiting markets is one of my personal favorites activities in Bangkok, and Or Tor Kor is amazing.
8. Dusit Zoo สวนสัตว์ดุสิต - The Dusit Zoo is one of the most fun things to do in Bangkok if you are with children.
9. Lumpini Park สวนลุมพินี- The central park of Bangkok.
10. Massage นวดแผนไทย- Don't miss a rejuvenating massage in Thailand!
11. Grand Palace / Wat Phra Kaew วัดพระเก้า- The most revered of all attractions in Bangkok.
12. Wat Pho วัดโพธิ์ - Home of the reclining Buddha and the birthplace of the traditional Thai massage.
13. Wat Arun วัดอรุณ - Wat Arun is the temple of dawn, located on the the Chao Phraya River.
14. Wat Saket (วัดสระเกศ) - Bangkok's Golden Mountain Temple with great views.
15. Erawan Museum ช้างสามเศียร- A giant three headed elephant which is a temple and museum.
16. Vimanmek Mansion พระที่นั่งวิมานเมฆ - As the largest golden teak wood mansion in the world, it's very impressive.
17. Khao San Road ถนนข้าวสาร - There are lots of things to do in this area, many of them revolving around parties and nightlife.
18. Silom and Patpong (สีลม) - Silom at night turns into a market with Patpong street, home to many go-go bars and fake goods.
19. Victory Monument อนุสาวรีย์ชัยสมรภูมิ - One of the transportation hubs of Bangkok and there's a lot of food, including the tasty boat noodle alley.
20. Eat Durian กินทุเรียน - Durian, also known as the king of fruits, is creamy and sweet, and it's the best fruit in the world.
21. Thai Street Food อาหารข้างทาง - Eating Thai street food is one of the most rewarding things to do in Bangkok, mainly because there's so much to try, and so many good flavors.
22. Thai Cooking Class เรียนทำอาหาร- A cooking class is a great way to learn some Thai recipes!
23. Pahurat พาหุรัด- Bangkok's little India is known as Pahurat. It's a place to shop for fabric and dine on delicious Indian food.
24. Pak Klong Talad ปากคลองตลาด- The largest flower market in Bangkok is a great place to see colorful and exotic flowers all day long.
25. Yaowarat / Sampeng Market (เยาวราช / สำเพ็ง) - Yaowarat is one of the busiest and most exciting places in Bangkok - don't miss it!
Hope you enjoyed these 25 things to do in Bangkok!
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